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Planet-Scale Change Starts Here

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Solugen Marketing Team
Dimitri Anast
Christina Nebel
Javier Vargas

Video Artist
Conner Griffith

Jaimee Jimin Park

Chemicals are the building blocks of our modern world — used in the food we eat, the medicines we take, the cleaning solutions we use, and the infrastructure that makes up our cities. Yet, their production has often come at a cost to our planet.

Solugen is reimagining how we manufacture life’s essential materials with the world’s first sustainable chemical plant, the Bioforge. By fusing biology with chemistry, they convert bio-based raw materials into chemicals that have traditionally been made from fossil fuels.

For this campaign, we brought in video artist Conner Griffith to create an immersive visual journey from the micro to the macro, showing that rethinking the molecular can have a planet-scale impact. The video takes us through a series of images. First, the microbes, then Solugen’s labs and the Bioforge. At the climax, we highlight the role that chemicals play in our daily lives, and finally we zoom out to the planet.

This campaign went live across multiple channels: Instagram (where it has 70K+ views), billboards in Houston, the Houston airport, and on Connected TV.

Creative Direction
Art Direction

Grace Chuang