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Biology/Design, Art/Science, Tech/Society
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Grow is a magazine that tells creative stories about biology, published by Ginkgo Bioworks.

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Christina Agapakis and I created Grow in 2019. We wanted to build a space for diverse voices to explore the values and possibilities of designing with nature, while recognizing the importance of art in helping us to ask different questions. In Grow’s first few months I built the magazine entirely from the ground up, bringing it from inception to physical product — everything from designing the first issue and defining the brand, to debuting Grow at conferences and launching our website for online orders.

Now, 5 years later, we have an incredible team that works to publish digitally and in print. As Creative Director, I set the vision for everything visual for the magazine, and have led Grow to win countless prestigious design and illustration awards. In 2022, we were even nominated for Science Breakthrough of the Year from the Falling Walls Foundation. We’ve circulated over 15,000 magazines in homes, bookstores, and schools around the world, and we’re just getting started.

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Creative Strategy
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9 Society of Publication Designer Medals
3 Art Directors Club Cubes
2 National Magazine Awards Nominations
2 PRINT Wins


Grow Editorial
Christina Agapakis, Executive Editor
Leon Dische Becker, Editor
Max Levy, Editor
Alexa Garcia, Editor
Nina Garcia, Art Director
Amy Tran, Project Manager

The Futures Issue
jazsalyn, Art Director
Livia Foldes, Art Director/Designer
Letitia Younger, Book Photography

The Equity Issue
jazsalyn, Art Director
Livia Foldes, Art Director
Chloe Scheffe, Designer
Emily Simms, Book Photography

The Beauty Issue
Stoltze, Designer
Ally Schmaling, Book Photography

Grace Chuang