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Evolving Solugen’s Brand

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Solugen is reimagining how we manufacture life’s essential materials with the world’s first sustainable chemical plant, the Bioforge. Their brand and website launched in 2021.  And while it remained true to their values as a company, it needed to keep pace with the rapid growth they’ve experienced since then. 

Over the last year and a half, I’ve worked closely with Solugen’s marketing team to elevate their brand and better visualize their technology and processes for consumers, customers, and investors. Those efforts have translated into many aspects of Solugen’s content over the last year that I’ve creative directed and produced, including the Bioforge 2050 campaign, a video recounting Solugen’s founding story over a game of poker, and now a reimagined web presence.

For this website, I brought in a variety of creative collaborators to execute, including design studio Landscape, film agency Film Lab, and CGI artist Pedro Veneziano who was art directed by the team at Landscape. Together with Solugen’s marketing team, we created and launched a new homepage bringing Solugen’s vision to life through both words and visuals. 

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Solugen Marketing Team
Javier Vargas
Christina Nebel
Dimitri Anast
Tom Richardson

Mackenzie Brookshire
Edeline Gosali
Lindsay Dygert
Adam Weiss
Frank Vial

Pedro Veneziano

Film Lab

How Solugen Went All In To Save the Planet

A long-standing poker game brought Gaurab Chakrabarti and Sean Hunt together. Now, they are on a mission to reverse climate change. They reminisce on how they built the world's first carbon negative chemical plant, all in conversation with early investor Seth Bannon.

What would the Bioforge look like in 2050?

The Bioforge is the world’s first sustainable molecule factory. And it could change everything about how we live. Every molecule could be manufactured without emissions or waste. Every building block and material that we touch could be recreated to be sustainable and cost efficient. Entire societies powered by the Bioforge could be carbon negative.

Driven by this, I commissioned 3D artist Baptiste Labat to create renderings of the Bioforge in 2050. This is not your grandpa’s chemical plant. It’s carbon negative, scalable, and modular, and one day it’ll power the cities and neighborhoods we live in—so that all living things have access to a sustainable future. 

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