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Designing bitBiome’s Booth
bitBiome is a new player in the synthetic biology space, and they wanted to make a splash at SynBioBeta 2024. They had never done an extensive booth before, and were looking to create an experience that put bitBiome on the synbio map.

I brought to life a space that celebrated the biodiversity of microbes — 3.5 years of evolution at your fingertips, made possible through sequencing. 
I drove the creation and design of the booth from ideation to delivery: leading the team through brainstorming sessions which then distilled down into key concepts, sourcing and vetted vendors for the components that we needed, and designing the backdrop. For the star of the booth, I brought in artists Causa Studio to fabricate an art installation, which juxtaposed transparencies of biodiverse environments that when looking through, formed a composition. Finally, I brought together all of the elements and final touches to create a cohesive, immersive experience for attendees at SynBioBeta, which many commented that it was the “best booth at the conference”.

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